80s Fashion

The eighties; this period is about the mind-bogglingly outlandish, the bizarre, and the weird-with-a-touch-of-crazy. There’s really something about the 80s Fashion. A fashion statement that’s tricky to fully grasp nowadays.

You can even say that it’s a phase where people considered stockings as something hip and cool– a terrific way to create a statement– no doubt about that. 1980’s fashion was crazy and vibrant, a superb way of expressing oneself.

Shoulder Pads

Think 80s and you’ll picture out-of-the-world fashion principal like the shoulder pads. Thanks to soap opera Dynasty, shoulder pads had become the definition of power dressing. A lot of women in the 80’s even had a Velcro attached to the inside of their apparel so they can attach these pads easily.

Black & White and Stripped All The Way

Black and white were very popular, more so if they’re stripes. Fat stripes, thin stripes, horizontal & vertical striped T-shirts, and skirts; all of these define “hot” during the 80s. There was even an instance wherein a lot of outfits were made from body-clinging fabrics like spandex and Lycra.


Another trend in the 80s was the leotards. They were originally used as accessories to incorporate textures and colors but eventually, ended up being a fashion statement. With the aerobics craze during the 80’s, leotards had transitioned from being a dance wear to a gym wear. They’re usually matched with legwarmers, tights, and headbands.

Acid-washed Jeans

A decade where this style of jeans made its first appearance. Fashionistas back then were known to chemically bleach their denims in order to have streaked pale white lines or spots. Some clothing companies even manufactured these denims purposely. Their popularity in the 80s fashion became a mainstream fad during the time when heavy metal bands were growing in popularity.

The More Prominent, the Better

Then there were the earrings with attitude. If the earrings are hiding behind the hair, sorry to say, they’re weren’t good enough. It doesn’t matter if they’re dangling or just hoops. The point is, they should catch the attention easily, and stand out.

Fishnet Stockings and Jelly Bracelets

Remember the time when Madonna introduced the craze of wearing an armful of jelly bracelets (usually made from plastic or rubber)? It’s usually matched with black and white tees, or to stand out even more, multi-colored fishnet stockings. Fishnet stockings definitely added an additional character to anyone’s outfit.

Leather Jackets

If you’re an 80’s kid and you never owned one of these, then you’re not considered as one of the coolest kids on the block. The slouchy, washed out leather jackets worn by celebrities (like Michael Jackson) were very popular back then. In fact, you can even spot some men wearing these jackets combined with a pair of fingerless gloves and aviator glasses.

Parachute Pants

If you’re familiar with MC Hammer, you’d figure out what parachute pants are. These are super baggy pants that have a drop-crotch style. Something that was not really that fashionable but yet, still left a mark in the 80s.

Floral Prints

Skirts, button-down shirts, and dresses were commonly floral patterned during the 80s. This style was generally matched with a solid color top so the outfit would be balanced.

Leg Warmers

During the 80’s, these protective coverings for the legs made a fashion statement. The unexpected popularity of this originated from dance movies like Flashdance and Fame. Teenage women had used these legwarmers as a part of their very own style. In fact, they wore it over leggings, jeans, sock, and skirts.

We can say that the most distinctive thing during the eighties is that there are so many options to choose from. You can virtually mix and match elements depending on your taste of clothes. You’re free to express yourself; it doesn’t matter if you’ll go overboard. In fact, there’s no such thing during that period. Furthermore, it’s a period where everyone can be themselves. Whether you’re old or young, you could certainly still follow the craze.